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International GMO and Pesticide Safety Study Set for Public Launch

World’s Largest Ever Study on GMO and Pesticide Safety


The ‘Factor GMO’ study will investigate the health effects of a genetically modified (GMO) crop that has been in our food and animal feed supplies for many years. It will answer the question: Is this GMO food and associated pesticide safe for human health?


Farmers, retailers, governments, scientists and consumers have been involved in a heated international debate since GM foods were introduced in 1994. However, there has never been a scientific study that is comprehensive enough to give them a clear answer regarding the safety for human health of any one GM food – until now.

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About Factor GMO

  • The international ‘Factor GMO’ study will be the largest and most comprehensive long-term experiment ever conducted on a GM food and its associated pesticide.
  • The scientists on the study review board are internationally respected experts in their fields from the U.S., Italy and Russia.
  • ‘Factor GMO’ will also add valuable data of unprecedented power to enable regulators, governments and the general public of every country to answer the question: Is the GM food and associated pesticide tested safe at real-world levels of consumption and exposure?
  • Factor GMO is the first long-term combined GMO/pesticide safety study that has involved full multi-generational, toxicology and carcinogenicity arms.


This will be the largest and most detailed long-term experiment ever conducted on a GM food and its associated pesticide – Find out all about it here!

The Scientists

The scientists involved in this study are coming from a ‘neutral’ background that has no connection to either the Biotech industry or the ‘anti-GMO movement’.

Help Fund The Study

Factor GMO will accept funds from all sources except from the industry that manufactures GM crops and/or their associated pesticides.